Hogue Hill, LLP Location

Location and Map

Our location is in downtown Wilmington at the edge of the Historic District residential area.  We are easy to find!  See our Location and Map below.


The location of Hogue Hill, LLP, is the southeast corner of South Third and Dock Streets, in Wilmington, North Carolina:

101 South Third Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 763-4565


Our map is provided below.

We are located on the east side of South Third Street (the opposite side from the Cape Fear River) between St. James Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church, one block south of Market Street (US Hwy 17).    Graystone Inn is on the opposite side of South Third Street from our office.  Parking is usually available on the east side of South Third Street (Northbound) between Orange and Market Streets, or along the 300 block of Dock Street, and our parking lot is to the rear of our building, with its entrance driveway on the South side of Dock Street.

Market Street is the north-south divider for Wilmington, from which street numbers count up from zero in opposite directions, and at which even and odd street numbers reverse.  If you are looking at a Street number 101 that is on the west side of Third Street, you are on the wrong side of Market Street!  That  would put you two blocks away from our office.  If you have any difficulty, just phone us; our receptionist will be happy to direct you.

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