Litigation Practice Group Attorneys David A. Nash, Elijah Huston, Patricia C. Jenkins

Litigation Practice Group

Hogue Hill Litigation Practice Group

David Nash and Brian Geschickter are the core of our Litigation Practice Group.  Patti Jenkins also handles partition proceedings and appearances before Planning Commissions, Boards of Adjustment, City Council and County Commissioners for the firm, and litigation support.   Bill Lynch provides litigation support with eminent domain, condemnation, and adverse condemnation cases, and with water and sewer and real estate development issues in litigation, and Patti Jenkins provides litigation research and writing support to the Litigation Practice Group. Talmage Jones and Patti Jenkins are available to provide litigation support in caveat proceedings.  Talmage Jones, Jim Snow, and Cliff MacDonald are available for litigation support in connection with real estate and business law issues and Talmage Jones, Patti Jenkins, and Cliff MacDonald are available for litigation support regarding wills, trusts, estates, and tax issues.

Brian represents clients in most areas of civil litigation, including but not limited to condemnation, eminent domain and adverse condemnation litigation, domestic relations and family law, torts, negligence, personal injury, construction litigation, complex litigation, commercial law, insurance and insurance defense, and appellate practice, and is at home in the courtroom.

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