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Hogue Hill Intellectual Property Practice Group

Hogue Hll Intellectual Property Practice Group

Hogue Hlll Intellectual Property Practice Group provides legal services relating to intellectual property created or owned by, or licensed to its clients.  The Hogue Hill Intellectual Property Practice group includes Patti Jenkins and Jim Snow.  Patti and Jim have provided both pro bono and paid services to members of the artistic community and to nonprofit charitable organizations regarding intellectual property issues, including arts organizations, and Jim has experience with intellectual property issues in the contexts of purchases and sales of businesses, allegations of infringement (both enforcement and defense), and drafting of agreements which address the ownership and assignment of intellectual property rights.  Such agreements may be apply to various arrangements which result in creation of intellectual property, and the licensing of the use of intellectual property, including in the context of purchases and sales of businesses, creative services provided by clients to their customers, or creative services provided by our clients’ vendors to our clients, including work for hire arrangements and arrangements which are intended to emulate work for hire results in contexts to which work for hire is inapplicable.  Hogue Hill has relationships with larger firms which can provide to our clients any needed federal patent and trademark application services and litigation of federal patent, copyright, and trademark issues, but the attorneys at Hogue Hill do not conduct federal patent, trademark or copyright searches, opinions, or application services, and limit our role in intellectual property litigation.  We do file North Carolina state trademark applications.

Patti and Jim provide advice regarding acquisition and protection of intellectual property rights including trademark, copyright, and patents,  and they draft and review agreements regarding creation, assignment, and licensing of intellectual property rights.

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