Practice Groups

The attorneys at Hogue Hill work together to bring their respective individual talents to projects requiring multiple areas of expertise, often across our practice groups.  At Hogue Hill, a practice group does not rigidly define the practice of the attorneys included in it; we are a small town general practice, and over-specialization is not practical in the context of a market like Wilmington.   However, grouping of our attorneys into practice groups is helpful to prospective clients in the identification of the attorneys in the firm most likely to be appropriate to the client’s immediate need.

Hogue Hill Practice Groups:

Our practice groups include:

Business Law

Entity formations, purchase and sale of businesses, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, mergers and acquisitions, employment contracts, independent contracting for services, spin-offs.


Civil Litigation, including Condemnation, Eminent Domain and Adverse Condemnation; Construction Litigation, Complex Litigation, Caveat Proceedings, Commercial Law; Insurance; Banks and Banking; Torts, Negligence, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death.

Real Estate Development

Contract formation, pre- and post-contract formation title search, evaluation of title exceptions for impact on the real estate development plan, review of issues regarding land use and development codes, advice regarding modification of the development plan to minimize the impact of title exceptions and land use and development codes. Our Real Estate Development Practice Group works closely with its clients’ registered land surveyors and land use planners to identify potential problems and evaluate solutions. Services also include preparation of organizational documents for homeowners associations and unit owners associations (HOA), and preparation of declarations of covenants and restrictions and of condominium declarations, and for waterfront development, formation of yacht clubs with allocated boat slips or other waterfront amenities.

Real Estate-Residential

Residential real estate transactions, including vacant lot purchases and sales, purchases and sales of single family residences, townhomes, patio homes, and condominium units; residential real property financing transactions, including lot mortgage loans, construction mortgage loans, construction-permanent mortgage loans, conventional purchase mortgage loans, refinancing mortgage loans loan; contract formation in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions; review of contract drafts in brokered purchase and sale transactions; review of listing agreements and other agreements regulated by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission; Residential lease preparation and review.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Preparation of Wills,  Codicils, Trusts, Family Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships, Advance Directives (Living Wills, Declarations of Desire For Natural Death), Health Care Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Durable  General Powers of Attorney, Limited Powers of Attorney, and other estate planning documents; review of documents prepared by attorneys practicing in other States for compliance with North Carolina requirements, Post-mortem estate planning.

Estate Administration and Probate

Administration of Intestate Estates, Probate of Testate Estates, representation of  Executors, Administrators and Personal Representatives,  advice regarding application for a year’s allowance for the surviving spouse and / or dependent child(ren), and petitions for spousal elective share and elective life estate, representation of heirs regarding statutes of descent and distribution, representation of devisee and legatees regarding will construction and interpretation, advice regarding administration of small estates by Collection by Affidavit and by Summary Administration.

Intellectual Property

Advice regarding acquisition and protection of intellectual property rights including trademark, copyright, and patents, contracts and agreements regarding creation, assignment, and licensing of intellectual property rights.

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